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Help with depression, anxiety, mental pain and lack of self-esteem

Do you feel alone, or lost, or continually tired? Do you feel that nobody around you could possibly understand what you feel? Or perhaps you feel it is pointless to talk to those you know, because they just offer easy solutions -- easy for them, that is.

Help is available. I have long experience of confronting these problems and helping people to overcome them. Over the years I have listened to people from every walk of life, from various professions and none. I have heard stories of loss and disappointment, and also of joy and the rekindling of life and hope.

If you think I could help you too, contact me to discuss how we might work together.


Many of us feel low at times, but what if this feeling of exhaustion and unhappiness never seems to go away? What if there does not appear to be any particular reason for this low mood? What if your mind sometimes screams to you that you are worthless, stupid, you can never do anyting right? What if you know that no-one could ever love you because nobody ever did? What then?

Then you need help from someone who can listen and not judge, who can see things as you see them.


Sometimes you sit on your bed and just try to get through the next five minutes. Then you have to get through the five minutes after that. The mental pain is so great that there is nothing else, just survival – mere existence. A space of desolation and hopelessness. You are alone. Even if people listen, they do not hear you. The reality of you and your troubles seems invisible and unknowable to everyone but you.

But there is help. And there is hope and a future. There are those who know and understand. By working together to find the deep causes of such pain and self-doubt the power of our negative feelings can be made to wither away. That is what counselling and psychotherapy do.

“Procrastination” – or is it?

“I know what I should be doing, but I don’t do it. It has been there in the background for a week, a month, a year. It is easy to do, a mere nothing (for some people). And yet it is impossible. Why? Why can’t I do it? Why can’t I even begin? Why can’t I even think about it? Why do I constantly banish it when it enters my thoughts? Why do I push it away into the background for some time in the future (which may never come)?

“Fear. That is why. Behind so many “failures” to act is fear, anxiety, terror. Not laziness (as you might have been told), or stupidity. No, it is more like a lingering terror of something I can hardly perceive, but is lurking there and paralysing me. And I don’t know why, and I don’t know what it is. But I know I need to find out. More urgently than any other study I might do.”